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Although the City of Chicago spends $1.6 billion a year on public safety, a vast majority of our ward’s residents do not feel safe. Every resident of the 6th Ward, from our children to our seniors, deserves the opportunity to feel safe walking through their neighborhood, going to and from work, and sitting on their porch. One victim of an act of violence is too many; yet in the past 3 years, over 300 people have been shot and we’ve seen an increase in carjackings, break ins, and robberies. As a supporter of the Treatment Not Trauma initiative, William will fight for every resource needed to help those who need additional mental health resources.  The city of Chicago and the 6th ward's lack of resources and social services that address the growing mental health crisis, drug addiction, and poverty have only harmed our city and left police officers overworked and overburdened.


William knows that strong neighborhood schools are key to a vibrant 6th Ward. Therefore, we must grow each school one classroom at a time. William will advocate for fully-funded public schools that uphold the human dignity of children living throughout the 6th Ward. As Alderman, William will also advocate for fair working conditions and compensation for educators and support staff. In addition, William plans to partner with special education teachers, students, and families so that students with disabilities can learn in an accessible and inclusive educational environment. William will also work to secure every resource available, including after-school programs and mentorship programs for students and parents, as a gateway to building a better 6th Ward.


Too many dollars leave the 6th Ward but not enough dollars come into the 6th ward. The vast majority of residents leave the 6th Ward to shop, work, and experience a vibrant Chicago. As Alderman, William will work closely with current business owners to assist them in implementing strategies and ordinances to promote economic growth. William will also partner with local entrepreneurs to help further build the 6th Ward business community. 

Growing up in a union household, William is a supporter of organized labor. Also, William knows how important it is for employers and government to uphold the dignity of each worker. As inflation has driven up the cost of rents and mortgages, gas, and other daily necessities, too many working people have seen their wages stagnate. Furthermore, the city's ongoing pension crisis continues to leave workers in a state of anxiety, wondering whether they will be able to one day retire with dignity. With his colleagues in City Hall, William will work to fully-fund our pension system, along with addressing the flaws and loopholes in our city's tax code that disproportionately hurt working and middle-class Chicagoans.


When residents call their ward office for help with city services, they should expect first class customer service. Through his ward service office, William will work to streamline communication with residents, improve 311 reporting services, and hold regular community meetings to hear directly from constituents. William will also work to implement an equity-based budgeting system that empowers ward residents to decide how to use the over $1 million allotted annually to the ward for neighborhood and community improvement.

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